During the visualization process, I like to think about where the sun is going to be. Not just a sun, but a sun star! With the right camera settings I can create these beautiful blooms of light with the sun. Recently I’ve also been focusing on my color workflow, and dealing with sharpening, print sharpening, web sharpening, pretty much sharp everything at this point. I want your eyes to get sliced out from your sockets and glued to the image! With this shot below, my eyes are glued to that crispy foreground texture, and then are slowly removed by the powerful light just clipping behind the cliff. This was a setup, placing the camera and waiting for the perfect moment. As time goes on, my photography keeps proving to me that it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.


The light eventually dies out, but reflected light is slowly becoming my favorite. I really haven’t got my feet dirty with long exposure so, With this shot, I did just that. Long exposure blurs are something beautiful that I really need to capture more of. Very light processing was done to the shot, the light was so dramatic straight out of the camera, it was pretty much processed already!

man-of-war-cove-long-exposure-newfoundland photo _MG_2753---matted_zpshkis1uev.jpg

Its finally warming up, so eager to shoot without a coat!

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