The Rescuer


You never know what might come your way, when out for a day making photographs. Usually its peaceful, winds blowing, lights glowing, everything is perfect. Until suddenly someone sneaks up on you and tells you, you can’t be doing, what you’re doing. I was in the middle of pressing the button on my cable release to take the shot when a lady approached me and asked what I’m doing on the property. Seconds later, I’m worried that I’ve committed a crime, simply by deciphering the tone in her voice.

She told me I couldn’t take pictures of her land, and I asked her where her land was. I had no idea I was trespassing, I was parked on the side of what I thought was a public road. “This is no place to be taking pictures.” she stated.
To lighten the mood, I showed her the back of the camera. As she looked, I could see her lighten up a little bit. I told her I was sorry and had no idea I couldn’t take pictures around this area. Lucky for me, this part here isn’t part of her property so she has no say in what I do with the photos, she said it herself.

“it’s okay, but don’t come around the area again” she smiled and I smiled back. Realistically, the situation could have been a lot worse, it is an industrial area and there is no reason for me to be on the road other than to take pictures. This is the first time I’ve had anyone tell me not to take pictures, usually it’s the other way around. I’m really pleased with the results of this shot, one of my first silhouettes I’m proud of, but man, what a story behind it.


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