The Valley

Recently I have been planing on developing a light house portfolio in which captures the essence of the sea, through photos. Inspired by a great source of information I found on the internet. It has all the lighthouses surrounding Newfoundland plotted on a map with historical information cited. Kudos to Kraig for the hard work in providing this information.

Lighthouse plots:


So Yesterday, I made a day trip out to Codroy Valley and Cape Anguille area (the far west lighthouse on the map). With a few areas visualized using photos from google maps, I had some sort of idea what I was after. It was just a short two-hour drive down south on the TransCanada Highway and about ten to twenty minutes of curvy roads to make it to the coast. When arriving there, I was instantly amazed at the view. At first it was just a vast open valley off in the distance, huge hills with rows upon rows of evergreen trees, and only evergreen. Then once you drive in, the rolling hills show themselves. The houses with spacious land all around and a bay in the center of it all. I stopped at few vantage points to take in the scenes and contemplate on what I should actually capture. With a somewhat small perspective of 24mm its hard to get it all.


Codroy valley, Western Newfoundland

It’s only a few more kilometers from here till I was at the lighthouse, but I had to capture something special in this area. The snowy summits and orange tones really drew me in on this one, I can only imagine what this place looks like when everything is all green. I Shot a horizontal of this one, but ended up settling for the vertical version. For me, Codroy has a lot of photographic potential, I could shoot for days around here, this place is really something else.


Bring to Light
Cape Anguille, Western Newfoundland

At the end of the day I felt pretty accomplished. On my journey to this new place, I was worried that the trip would have been all for nothing but coming home with at least one shot makes any trip worthwhile.


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