Dry Spell

Its been dull these past couple of days, I’ve been praying for some killer sunsets in areas where I have planned to shoot but have been some what unsuccessful. I didn’t care much about overcast lighting a few years ago but after learning how to harness the data within the raw files, It has become a joy to shoot. A scenes dynamic range can be captured in one frame with ease, encompassing all the details.


I’ve been pretty crazy about the gravels lately. The view around there is breath-taking and the interesting rock formations I’ve been finding are what keep me coming back. Weather has been up and down. Last week I felt like I was in a silent hill movie after the three days of consistent fog we had.shattered-2-gravels-newfoundland-coast-rock

Just when you think the light is going to get snuffed out, it does something magical. Powerful blue tones and reflected light captured me instantly in this shot. Taken roughly two hours after the first shot above at the gravels.

If your interested in one of these prints, they are for sale as with all my images. Images can be purchased through the contact page, or through the gallery. Shipping and tax are included.

•Canvas prints are as low as $120.48 @ 12″x 18″
•Un-matted paper prints as low as $93.36 @ 12″ x 18″

For those who have already purchased a print, I thank you again and hope you enjoy my photography of Newfoundland!

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