Photography is a fleeting industry where it’s jam packed full of competitors, young and old. You may  not think of them as competitors, and if you do NOT think this way… wonderful! You are one of the few who appreciate photography for what it really is.

It might be a form of escape for you… for most its a hobby… as for the masses, they think of it as an industry that they can take millions from. There is, -where the false reality lies. Too many people come flying in… straight out of high school or off the internet thinking it’s simply a few camera snaps and a website, It’s so much more than that! There’re a lot of people trying to accomplish this. The ones that don’t see a reason to get ahead, are the ones that advance their photography quickly.

This is where it’s a matter of understanding the relationship you want to start with photography. It’s this idea that creates your experience you’re going to have with it. Taking photos can be fun, as long as you let it. If you pride yourself and push yourself to climb mountains, stand in running water or be in the long grass, getting eaten alive by 100’s of mosquitoes(wear mosquito armor obvs.) and your not having fun doing it… get the hell outta dodge!

If you’re properly aligned in front of the light at the right time of day, day of week, month of the year, you can come home with some amazing imagery. Remove the dollar signs in your eyeballs. Instead try to live in the moment and grow an appreciation for the glowing light bathing your sunset/sunrise scene and storing the memory. If you do this, watch how easy it is to grow a passion to get out and shoot that next sunrise/sunset. It will be easy to learn vital techniques cause there is no race to start a business.

What you should have taken from this, is that photography can be a blast as long as you have the right mindset going into it.

Next, will talk about some of the problems of taking an exposure, you’l learn a small portion about histograms… and!!! – implement a few techniques to get a better image in your next exposure.


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