Saturation & Contrast!

So, I’ve pretty much gone over most of the basics without rehashing a lot of the information that is freely available on the internet. So what is it that most new and inspired photographers/art dwellers should know about? Contrast and Saturation.

The difference in value between a pixel, and the pixels that surround it. Very simple, not to complex to understand, but again… some side-effects to having to much contrast.

First thing you should grasp is how much ‘contrast’ is in the image, when the image is un-processed, right out of the camera. Most cameras try to simulate what you see and apply contrast to your image. Some cameras are good at manipulating contrast straight out of the camera, some are not. If you shoot raw, there are no adjustments to the image, so when you take raw images, the contrast is very ‘flat’ (not a big difference in brightness values from one pixel to the next). This is a big deal because that means you must add it back in. There is a lot of control with the contrast setting, it is almost a universal adjustment, so be careful when playing with any sort of contrast ‘slider’. Sense we are dealing with color photography, when changing a pixels brightness value, you are essentially changing the color too, or rather… the ‘saturation’ of those pixels.

Simply put, it’s the color intensity of a pixel. If a red pixel is a deep red and considered saturated(intense), what would unsaturated be? It would be a pixel that is closer to black and white values with no color. Not sure how else to put it other than that…

It’s hard to continue from here without talking about these things visually, so from now on this blog will be transitioning into video posts with small amounts of intro text 🙂
Things are going to get interesting folks, about to drop the nitro into the engine, smoke in the mirrors very soon.

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