Born and raised in Ontario, taking photographs since early 2005. My interests in photography sprung from the discovery of digital art, through an online forum for graphic artists. Instruction from members there taught me important fundamentals of image processing when I was young. Years after I picked up photography in high-school, studying black&white photography, film processing and darkroom printing. Interests in landscape photography began after I moved to Whitby, Ontario in 2012. Loathing the sound of noise and crammed architecture made me miss the wilderness and the vast open landscape. In 2013, I was given the chance to move to Newfoundland, Canada, into the western region, out of the melting pot. At this stage I am now photographing my native homeland.

Artist Statement

My approach to photography is painterly and dramatic. I enjoy extracting detail and color out of my photos by using a variety of camera and processing techniques. The aesthetic touch I add to my work help me to express the emotions found in each particular scene. Mostly it is a matter of brightening or darkening key areas to create dynamics. Sometimes it’s strengthening color contrasts or increasing vibrance. What ever it is, I let the photo decide what it needs, to recreate the atmosphere of the sceneĀ I experienced behind the camera. A lot of what I do now has came from my inspirations in photography. If there wasn’t for people like Marc Admaus, Ryan Dyar, and Tony Kyper, my photographic style wouldn’t be where it is today. I went from shabby candid portraits to refined pieces of art over the years by practical use with the camera and studying the imagery itself.


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