The Gravels,Western Newfoundland

Warm light washes the scene during low tide at the gravels trail walk. This scene was very challenging to recreate and work on. Specifically the sun flare that was enhanced from sea spray. Usually I’ll wipe the lens constantly to remedy this but sometimes its really difficult when there’s so much wind. With a handful of Photoshop healing tricks I managed to remove an obnoxious amount of orbs created by the spray. I was so relieved that I was able to fix the errors. Very proud of the capture, after lots of hard work & trial and error I am finally able to express my vision in any kind of natural light.

The Bulwark


“The Bulwark”
The Gravels, Western Newfoundland

Getting in the oceans face can be a one daunting experience. Here you can see a bombardment of small waves crashing along the coast at the Gravels trail near Port au Port. Being captured by the rock faces and their unique texture. The one rock to the right, having a Swiss cheese like nature to it, I had to capture. I’ve photographed this place many times before, but have been unsatisfied with the results. I wanted to reveal the beauty in this area and I believe with this shot, I done some justice. No sun star this time, comparing the one with the star, and without, It was obvious this one was the winner. I still have another shot from this same shoot that I still need to process, I’ll keep you posted.

Another trot through the lands


Springtime at Abraham’s
Abraham’s Cove, Western Newfoundland

Made this shot while I was revisiting Abraham’s cove. Lovely rows of evergreen with warm glowing light. A plane or jet left the stream of smoke in the sky. Was unsure whether or not I should have cloned it out what do you think? The last of the snow is pretty much all gone, it can only be seen around high altitudes still but, it won’t be much longer I hope. Just a quick post today, wanted to share this one with you guys, very happy with the turnout. But what do you think, remove the line or keep it?

Jerry’s Nose

If you asked me, what part of photography I enjoy the most? I’d say it would be the exploring involved in order to make the photograph. It really has been a blast going to the places I have been to shoot. Especially when you get that great light, and an amazing view to compliment it. Just recently my cousin Sandi and I, went out to discover what lies at the edge of Jerry’s Nose. Sounds funny doesn’t it, haha! Newfoundland has a funny way of naming their land. Anyways, lucky for us, we we’re in for a surprise.


The view was spectacular! So many subjects all nicely spaced out from one another. There was so much to shoot, we we’re also getting some nice atmospheric haze “AIR GLOW” going off in the distance that was just perfect. It was a real shame that we got these small baby clouds, but I’m still happy that some sort of cloud made it in the frame, kind of adds a nice buffer zone in the top of the image. I noticed Sandi shooting behind this rock for a good bit while I was perched up in another spot. Once I walked up to her position after shooting, I could now see why she was standing there for so long. After standing there in awe, I visualized a composition and setup the camera to take the shot. We still haven’t seen Jerry’s Nose at this point, the light was fading quickly and we had about a 10 minute walk ahead of us still.


After walking down some what of a steep hill, the sea stack that is Jerry’s Nose still could not be seen. I was wondering how far we still had to go, at this point I really thought we we’re going to miss it. After approaching the side of the cliff… “LOOK, THERE IT IS!!!” The most interesting looking sea-stack I have ever seen reveals itself. At last! There was only one thing left to do… GET THE PICTURE! I had no time to spare, tripod up, camera in, slap in the filter, now, time to figure out that composition. While the scene was nice from up top, I really wish I had found a way down, to get on the same level as the sea stack. At a distance it looks small, but I can assure you, It’s at least 15-25ft tall. Immediately after this shot, the sun went down. It started to get pretty cold so Sandi and I decided to get outta there. We could have stuck around for some twilight shots but, both our feet were numb to the bone. All I could think of was the car heater warming my toes. I will definitely be coming back to shoot here with better conditions. I can already visualize some of other scenes that might be hidden along this coastline. I hope you enjoyed the shots, as I did taking them.