I eventually ended up naming this photo “Sorcery”, and for good reason. In comparison to other photographers and there magical images, no doubt, this image has to be one of my very best. The reflections off the water are other worldly. Blue tones created by diffused light really make the image for what it is.

Before I grab the camera, I always try to think about what the light is going to do for a photo. Sometimes I just get in the car and go, letting my eyes take me to where I need to be. It works sometimes, but I have found that planning and visualizing the shot beforehand is the best course of action. After spotting a hole in the clouds, I had already figured out what direction I was going to be shooting in. Lately I’ve been attracted to the coast, the sound of waves crashing, the smell of the sea, the sea spray! Its like free nightquil if you ask me! Next thing I know, my camera has brought me to the shore. Once I finish contemplating the light, I start to think about framing. However, if the light just isn’t pleasing, I try to avoid shooting, but this wasn’t the case.

Getting everything to fit correctly is probably the toughest part of it all. Immediately in this situation, I whip out my handy cardboard view finder. As funny as you may think, that piece of cardboard is probably the most important piece of equipment I carry with me. meanwhile the light begins to fade and colors darken. The next step was to set up the camera after figuring out my composition. I play with just a few camera settings, focus, look through the camera one last time and, Click!.